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Character steam bun

December 15, 2012

If character bento is called Chara-ben, do you think I could call Character Steam bun ; Chara-stbun? Might not work that way…..

Anyway, I made this when I see leftover mince pork in the fridge. Please mind you that this is the first time for me to make this steam bun, and it was surprisingly easy! I think if I have to knead the dough myself then I’ll hate the process, but with the Kitchen Aid mixer, most of my baking process have been accelarated conveniently.

For the recipe, I used the recipe from one of my favourite creative person Anna the red link here
Please note in the recipe it says 1 TEASPOON yeast… And what I did was I used 1 TABLE SPOON!!!
For the filling, I just used what I have in the fridge so that was mince pork, mince onion and diced carrot.
This recipe is very good as the bun was so soft and have a nice texture, but it keep expanding and have a strong yeast flavour due to my carelesness. I will make this recipe again in the future and I will add more sugar instead of more yeast!


Totoro steam bun was made by me, and my 4yo made the Minnie head from scratch! So amazed in how detail she made that, guess all those hours with PlayDoh paid off

These are the version of our little family, dad in glasses, me and 4yo with Ribbon, and she made her own face expression and made her baby sister. We love to eat good food, so I supposed I don’t mind to be called Piglet family 🙂
The chicken little character and the allien on the picture below are my version of Hongkong Disneyland steambun that we had for our holiday last year.


By the time I remember to take some pictures the dough have expanded again, I should’ve just steam it right away so it kept it shape! Well, I know now.

Everybody was complementing these steam buns, but I personally still not satisfied as I would like it to look at least like in that Hongkong Disney hotel yumcha. Check out the picture we took and you’ll know what I mean.



The last 2 pictures will be my source of inspiration for my next projects in 2013, as I’ll be busy for my daughter’s 4th birthday , which is in 7 days… Time to panic!


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