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Macaron, Frogcaron, Chickaron – the wonder of Supa ready mix

November 16, 2012

Macaron (dot)

What else can I say?
I’m obsessed

Last year I took a Japanese Macaron class from Imperial Tokyo Cooking School. I managed to make it under guidance of Executive Chef Hideyuki Imai, but can I reproduce the same result at home? I doubt so.

Precision and consistency are the key, and those are something that I lack.

My next shopping dream list would be a digital oven which can show a precise temperature, and a good quality digital scale.

The past few weeks though I have been tempted to try it again, an easy way.
So here they are, supermarket ready mix macaron

1. Donna Hay
Available on local supermarket, got mine from Coles.

I can’t resist the Japanesque in me and added Matcha green tea.
Why you asked?
Because I want to make a Frogcaron!
(don’t bother in looking it up in the google as that just a term I made up)


The middle bits which covered with cute stamps are my DD’s names, I don’t think its necessary to expose them to the world 🙂

Result- What can I say, ready mix are easy, fast and convenient. Just need to make sure that your oven have the right temperature and your piping is consistent.
After it stays overnight in the fridge, the macarons actually hardened, too much to my liking.

2. Adriano Zumbo
Masterchef… oh Masterchef.. The show that have change your view about kitchen. Such a clever show, you can get all sort of product replacement marketing in the timeslot and Customer will watch it.
Obviously, the macaron kits are available in Coles, but I got mine in Woolworths
It come in two flavours Passionfruit and Salted Caramel.


I think the piping is the issue here.

Result- why they are better than Donna Hay’s, Adriano Zumbo’s kit have all the tools that you need. Donnna Hay’s asked you to use the spoon instead of piping, but Adriano Zumbo’s kit have the piping bag and even a circle template for you to draw on te baking sheet. There are also have all sort of helpful videos on his website, or you can go directly to the youtube channel “zumbobaking”. I’m going to try to make the Macaron tower one day using the video sample but we will leave that for next time 🙂

I present you Chickaron.. Chirppp chirppp ….


And the normal looking ones


After overnight stay in the fridge, the macaron didn’t hardened too much, but it left a strange slighly bitter powdery after taste (a bit like medicine)

Overall these kits are good, you don’t need to measure your almond meal, you don’t have to age the egg white, but if you really want a high quality macaron either
a. Go and buy them at your favourite cafe or
b. make it from scratch and practice till you get it right (a lot of practice)
I enjoyed using the kits with my DD#1.

Ps. Eyes and other details are piped with chocolates and not icing. Read my next post for more details of it

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