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Ninjago Chupachups

November 12, 2012

What is Ninjago? I had no clue until a friend said to me she’s going to have Ninjago as a theme for her son’s 4th birthday party.

I decided I want to do something too, I love to be part of dessert table and any cute party planning. After all google images research I decided to create a chupachups army for him. No, its not my original idea but I can’t remember which blog that I saw this idea from, sorry! But there are several.


Close up


I took some Ninjago eyes picture from Google Images then I made several sizes and print them. Then I chose the right size for standard size Chupachups and XXL size Chupachups. I just copies and pasted them with Paint program, nothing fancy.

Here is the template, if you open it with Windows Paint program make sure in the page property to zero the margin and paper size is A4.

I bought red and black decorative crepes paper, $2 each, but you only use like a small portion for it. I only use half of the width as I want the Chupachups to have Ninja wrap effect.
Start from the top of the “head”, I use double tape to secure this, and then around the mid part, try to twist them but be careful not to break the thin crepes, until the bottom bit just put some glue on, Voila! Easy easy easy…
For the base I just pick some styrofoam from the garage and cut it to rectangle with the cutter. I use the stick to create holes on the styro then after I’m happy with the placement I wrapped it with the remainder crepes that I had.

And for the last touch, I just add some words, and hand to one of the Ninjago (well, you can atach hand to everysingle of them, it was just too much work for me ha ha!).

The party was great with great dessert table DIY-ed by the birthday boy’s mom, plenty of yummy food and everybody were enjoying themselves, the highlight of the party was Master Shifu was there too. A friend who has martial art skill dressed in his karate outfit,fake beard, China hat and entertained the children. He taught the children on the importance of not to attack others and how martial art is only used for self-defense, and for them to eat plenty of vegetables (sounded like Popeye much?)

DD#1 (Dear Daughter #1) enjoyed herself running around, and fall asleep in the car on the way back home. Much needed break for the parents too !

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