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Merry Christmas Sausage & Ham

Jingle bells jingle bells…..


I made this for DD1’s kinder Christmas party, every kids are wearing Jinbei (some sort of Japanese summer gear), and they just look so adorable!!!

Everything took around 1hour to make and less than AUD $10!!! Minimal cost and time but maximum impact 🙂 Other mums was squeeing when they see these little gems.

Ingredients are: skinless cocktail franks, cucumber, carrots, hams, frozen vegetables (diced carrot/beans/peas)
I actually had broccoli too but didnt had a chance to use them

Want to make them too?
Please do!!! Easy peasy!
Good things are meant to be share, so I’ll share this Japanese website,


Character steam bun

If character bento is called Chara-ben, do you think I could call Character Steam bun ; Chara-stbun? Might not work that way…..

Anyway, I made this when I see leftover mince pork in the fridge. Please mind you that this is the first time for me to make this steam bun, and it was surprisingly easy! I think if I have to knead the dough myself then I’ll hate the process, but with the Kitchen Aid mixer, most of my baking process have been accelarated conveniently.

For the recipe, I used the recipe from one of my favourite creative person Anna the red link here
Please note in the recipe it says 1 TEASPOON yeast… And what I did was I used 1 TABLE SPOON!!!
For the filling, I just used what I have in the fridge so that was mince pork, mince onion and diced carrot.
This recipe is very good as the bun was so soft and have a nice texture, but it keep expanding and have a strong yeast flavour due to my carelesness. I will make this recipe again in the future and I will add more sugar instead of more yeast!


Totoro steam bun was made by me, and my 4yo made the Minnie head from scratch! So amazed in how detail she made that, guess all those hours with PlayDoh paid off

These are the version of our little family, dad in glasses, me and 4yo with Ribbon, and she made her own face expression and made her baby sister. We love to eat good food, so I supposed I don’t mind to be called Piglet family 🙂
The chicken little character and the allien on the picture below are my version of Hongkong Disneyland steambun that we had for our holiday last year.


By the time I remember to take some pictures the dough have expanded again, I should’ve just steam it right away so it kept it shape! Well, I know now.

Everybody was complementing these steam buns, but I personally still not satisfied as I would like it to look at least like in that Hongkong Disney hotel yumcha. Check out the picture we took and you’ll know what I mean.



The last 2 pictures will be my source of inspiration for my next projects in 2013, as I’ll be busy for my daughter’s 4th birthday , which is in 7 days… Time to panic!

Superhero Birthday party (chupachups again!)

Up up and away!

Hello kitty chocolate DIY


Hello kitty is one of the world kids empire… Its out there! Almost everywhere. Even I’m not a big fans of it, but having 2 girls in the house I realize the we do have lots of Hello kitty stuff.

Various goods from all over the world!
Chocolate molds from HongKong, Rice bento mold from Tokyo, plastic glass from Jakarta, McDonald gift fromPhuket and Toothbrush set bought in Dubai!!!



I told you it’s everywhere, it even earn special aisle in local Target store here (Melbourne)

Hello Kitty onigiri
Made from Rice molded, bows are from colored rice (pink), circle is from tuna, nose is made from cheese

Hello kitty chocolate
Made from White chocolate button and food coloring, whiskers from Chocelettes

Which is your favourite Hello kitty?




Macaron, Frogcaron, Chickaron – the wonder of Supa ready mix

Macaron (dot)

What else can I say?
I’m obsessed

Last year I took a Japanese Macaron class from Imperial Tokyo Cooking School. I managed to make it under guidance of Executive Chef Hideyuki Imai, but can I reproduce the same result at home? I doubt so.

Precision and consistency are the key, and those are something that I lack.

My next shopping dream list would be a digital oven which can show a precise temperature, and a good quality digital scale.

The past few weeks though I have been tempted to try it again, an easy way.
So here they are, supermarket ready mix macaron

1. Donna Hay
Available on local supermarket, got mine from Coles.

I can’t resist the Japanesque in me and added Matcha green tea.
Why you asked?
Because I want to make a Frogcaron!
(don’t bother in looking it up in the google as that just a term I made up)


The middle bits which covered with cute stamps are my DD’s names, I don’t think its necessary to expose them to the world 🙂

Result- What can I say, ready mix are easy, fast and convenient. Just need to make sure that your oven have the right temperature and your piping is consistent.
After it stays overnight in the fridge, the macarons actually hardened, too much to my liking.

2. Adriano Zumbo
Masterchef… oh Masterchef.. The show that have change your view about kitchen. Such a clever show, you can get all sort of product replacement marketing in the timeslot and Customer will watch it.
Obviously, the macaron kits are available in Coles, but I got mine in Woolworths
It come in two flavours Passionfruit and Salted Caramel.


I think the piping is the issue here.

Result- why they are better than Donna Hay’s, Adriano Zumbo’s kit have all the tools that you need. Donnna Hay’s asked you to use the spoon instead of piping, but Adriano Zumbo’s kit have the piping bag and even a circle template for you to draw on te baking sheet. There are also have all sort of helpful videos on his website, or you can go directly to the youtube channel “zumbobaking”. I’m going to try to make the Macaron tower one day using the video sample but we will leave that for next time 🙂

I present you Chickaron.. Chirppp chirppp ….


And the normal looking ones


After overnight stay in the fridge, the macaron didn’t hardened too much, but it left a strange slighly bitter powdery after taste (a bit like medicine)

Overall these kits are good, you don’t need to measure your almond meal, you don’t have to age the egg white, but if you really want a high quality macaron either
a. Go and buy them at your favourite cafe or
b. make it from scratch and practice till you get it right (a lot of practice)
I enjoyed using the kits with my DD#1.

Ps. Eyes and other details are piped with chocolates and not icing. Read my next post for more details of it

Ninjago Chupachups

What is Ninjago? I had no clue until a friend said to me she’s going to have Ninjago as a theme for her son’s 4th birthday party.

I decided I want to do something too, I love to be part of dessert table and any cute party planning. After all google images research I decided to create a chupachups army for him. No, its not my original idea but I can’t remember which blog that I saw this idea from, sorry! But there are several.


Close up


I took some Ninjago eyes picture from Google Images then I made several sizes and print them. Then I chose the right size for standard size Chupachups and XXL size Chupachups. I just copies and pasted them with Paint program, nothing fancy.

Here is the template, if you open it with Windows Paint program make sure in the page property to zero the margin and paper size is A4.

I bought red and black decorative crepes paper, $2 each, but you only use like a small portion for it. I only use half of the width as I want the Chupachups to have Ninja wrap effect.
Start from the top of the “head”, I use double tape to secure this, and then around the mid part, try to twist them but be careful not to break the thin crepes, until the bottom bit just put some glue on, Voila! Easy easy easy…
For the base I just pick some styrofoam from the garage and cut it to rectangle with the cutter. I use the stick to create holes on the styro then after I’m happy with the placement I wrapped it with the remainder crepes that I had.

And for the last touch, I just add some words, and hand to one of the Ninjago (well, you can atach hand to everysingle of them, it was just too much work for me ha ha!).

The party was great with great dessert table DIY-ed by the birthday boy’s mom, plenty of yummy food and everybody were enjoying themselves, the highlight of the party was Master Shifu was there too. A friend who has martial art skill dressed in his karate outfit,fake beard, China hat and entertained the children. He taught the children on the importance of not to attack others and how martial art is only used for self-defense, and for them to eat plenty of vegetables (sounded like Popeye much?)

DD#1 (Dear Daughter #1) enjoyed herself running around, and fall asleep in the car on the way back home. Much needed break for the parents too !

First post, first entry

Hi all,

Having read lots of blog (A LOT!) , I realize that first post is quite special.
I remember going through every single of posting of my favourite bloggers up to their very first post.
For blogger who have been around for a long time you will notice how their blog have been improved imensely, right from the beginning to the end!

I’m not that confident about my writing skills, especially the grammar or spelling, although yes I have graduated from high school, university and had a master degree!
(yes the accounting degree is useful to do my tax return, although the Agribusiness higher degree didn’t help me with my gardening a bit)
Now happily married with two daughters, I realize that I’m passionate with anything that have cute element in it!

Okay enough rambling…
I shall start this post with a sneak preview of my project…